Australia has so many choices when it comes to where to live and study. Choose from city, beach, country or outback locations and we can help you find your dream study location.  Stay for a week, a month, a year or more!   Learn like the locals learn.  Enrol in a full-time award course and be eligible to earn working experience part-time in local establishments.  Take home wonderful lessons, qualifications, memories and friends.

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Australia is often chosen as a top destination to visit and study due to its safety and multiculturalism. Here you will appreciate the friendly locals who may have migrated to Australia recently or whose families have been here for many generations.  It is easy to share the diverse languages, cultures and customs, and experience why so many people from around the world call Australia "home".

Our learning institutions are amongst the best in the English-speaking world.  Kindergarten to Year 12 schools offer a range of learning systems including Montessori, International Baccalaureate, General Certificate of Secondary Education, and more.  Vocational Education and Training (VET) colleges offer a huge array of practical, professional courses that prepare their students for employment in any sector of the economy.  And Universities in all six states and two territories of Australia attract the best academics and students from around the world into their cutting edge research programs, degree courses and innovative and challenging intellectual environments.  Check out some of our partner institutions today!

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Our Management Team

We are an Australian family-owned business with a presence in Darwin and Hong Kong, promoting educational opportunities in safe, friendly, culturally diverse Australia.

Dr SM Cheng – Director

Experienced in academic, business and humanitarian development in many institutions in the Asia-Pacific, Dr Cheng has the vision to create opportunities for aspiring students and learners to achieve their dreams. She founded Learning Exchange Australia and Hong Kong as platforms to present her educational partners’ programs to learners everywhere.

Mr KY Lee- Senior Consultant

As a consultant for government and private sectors, Mr Lee is well-versed with educational requirements in several countries. He brings to the Learning Exchange Group his vast experience to forge collaborations with educational institutions and to invite the best to join us in our quest.

Mr YM Cheng – Senior Consultant

Mr Cheng’s vast experience in senior levels of human resource management of leading global companies is a great asset to the Learning Exchange Group.  We source and recruit teachers and trainers for our programs with the utmost care for their welfare as well as their students’, and facilitate the best teaching-learning experience possible.