Spend quality time with your children while exploring new horizons!  Head out to Australia's outback to discover some of the world's oldest land masses and their unique terrains, animals and plants.  Soak up the sun, sea and sand on one of the magnificent beaches along the endless coastlines around the continent.  Visit a farm or two.  Enjoy the pleasures of theme parks, shopping malls and quaint village shops, and the wide range of dining options.  Whatever your pleasure, book a tour with us to add an educational package that suits your children's interests - e.g. school visits, English classes, adventure camps.

Schools, colleges and universities in Australia offer a wide variety of learning experiences.   From more formal, established, respected study models to creative, fluid, individual-oriented models of learning.  International students of all ages are welcome to book a study experience along with their peers in Australia, to exchange and share cultural experiences, to learn new knowledge together, to enjoy the open, stimulating and lively learning environments.  Be inspired by dynamic teachers and professors, be free to express your talents in academics, music, sports, and more!    Spend any time from 1 to 4 weeks during your vacations to learn as Australian students learn.  Enjoy excursions to nearby attractions or companies to extend your learning beyond the classroom.

Australia offers endless possibilities to pursue your interests and hobbies during your travels. Indoors or outdoors, laid-back or adrenalin-pumping, exclusive or in groups. Take your pick! And what better way to explore this great continent than to combine the sightseeing and activities with study tours to listen to seminars from experts, meet master artisans and craftsmen in the workshops, wineries and factories, learn about Australian wildlife from park rangers, check into a team-building camp, and more!

Hold your next sales convention or leadership development workshop in some of the top business schools in Australia!  Set amidst lush gardens, scenic coastlines, or vibrant cities, some of these schools are inspiration themselves. Interact with down-to-earth professors with rich industry experience; network with business leaders and be inspired and delighted at their relaxed passion in their respective fields.  And there’s more! Charter a beautiful Gulfstream jet for your special tour, or learn to fly one! Or take your team on a dream yacht for a little Rest & Recreation. Or play a round of golf or two – with the kangaroos cheering you on! Australia! Where else?

Australia has so many choices when it comes to finding your ideal place to study. Choose from city, beach, country or outback locations, and we can help you find your dream study destination.