The International Institute of Management – Testimonial

Dr Soo May CHENG of Leaming Exchange Hong Kong, a veteran professional in Higher Education, is known to us for several years.

Dr Cheng was our Consultant in identifying collaborations with Australian Universities.

In 2017, as a result of her team’ s strenuous effort, IIM was able to collaborate with one.

Throughout the process, she was energetic, deliberate and professional enabling us to collaborate with one, providing top-up programs; benefitting our members.

Further we are aware she has offices in Darwin, Australia besides Hong Kong, as well as catering to students from Mainland China (PRC).

She is discreet and trustworthy, and we are certainly very grateful for her contributions.

We strongly recommend her to any entity that requires the service of a competent professional in higher education in any capacity.


Dr Edward C.W. Liu

Director of Accreditation & CPD Programs

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